Management System

Software Solutions for TILES & CERAMICS

Specially designed for showroom salesman of ceramic tile, sanitary ware and other building materials, Ceramic King is a very user-friendly and intelligent tool for design, communication and sale.Ceramic King helps users present their products more attractively in vivid 3D scenes, allow customers to visualize the actual effect of house decoration in advance, and increase showroom sales.

Simpler interface, greater experience

Simple but clear commands lead to easy and friendly operating experience. Guided by clear commands, space design has never been so EASY! All the models, lighting, and other materials will be shown according to the space and style chosen.

Create Your own ceramic tile library

you can build your own tile library by yourself.By taking photos of your tiles, scanning tiles or downloading tile pictures from supplier website, you can add the tile picture into Alta Vista TILES Software and present 3D design with your own tiles.

Value Added Services

We offer a variety of Value Added Services in the TILES & CERAMIC Retail and Manufacturing sectors:
Managed TILES & CERAMICS Solutions,
Customer Record keeping
Outbound Call Centre for management of clients,
Business Intelligence Solutions
Data Mining and Predictive Modelling
Software Development and
Please contact us to discuss your software & service requirements and to tailor a solution to serve your needs.